Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Simar this morning.

The two Teals, photo by Nicholas Galea


Sandwhich terns as well as Black-headed gull at Xemxija Bay
Two male Common Teals were obviously the highlight. Magnificent birds that have stayed in the reserve a few days now. Also great were two Snipes feeding on the edge of the water. Two Water rails gave brief views, quite some time since I had seen one. What's more around 10 Coots were about and some five Little Grebes as always were a good entertainment. Two pairs are in full summer plumage and we're expecting to spot young popping out from between the reeds soon. A Wryneck was yet another good bird seen. Finally several Chiffchaffs were singing in the background as if saying spring isn't that far away.
Check out the bay before heading home, and found 6 Sandwhich terns perched together with the usual Black-headed Gulls.

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