Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some more seawatching

A poor shot of the local male Black redstart

Another windy and rainy day so it was off to Qawra again. It is a public holiday just in case someone was wondering if Iwas skiving school... ;)

Anyway much the same birds seen as last time plus a few Yelkoaun shearwaters bringing my year list up to 42. Enjoyed good views of yet another Lesser Black-backed gull, an intermedius this time. As well as two or three Northern Gannets, 3 Sandwhich terns one taking ages to gobble up a fish or wathever its catch was and 5 Black-headed Gulls. Also nt to forget to write down was a Common Kestrel, most probably a migrant, mobbed by the ever present Yello-legged gulls.

Popped into Simar Nature Reserve afterwards hoping to see a wild Mallard (no it isn't a mistake, wild Mallards are rather scarce in Malta only seen occasionly from sewatches or in the reserves) that had been sighted yesterday. But no luck. Rather quiet with compensation only to be had by two truly beautiful breeding plumaged Little grebes, no chicks out yet though, as well as two winter plumaged, eight Coots and two House Martins reminding us that Spring is just round the corner or very close anyway.

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  1. Hi Martin, sounds like a good days birding, its interesting to hear what sort of birds you get in Malta :) all the best Rob