Monday, March 8, 2010

Thumbs up to the bad weather!

Just after clearing

Finally Malta got some much needed rain, and with it came a fair share of birds too...

Was just cycling up the steep Dwejra hill when a flock of 15 Grey herons passed over, heading North. Another flock of around 40 was spotted far away a little before visibilty went from bad to zero and it started to drizzle for earnest. I gave up whipping bins and glasses, and scanning into the wall of took a walk producing my first Hoopoe of the year.

Altough we needed the rain I i wished it wouldn't rain that much just when i was out birding. Anyway when after an hour it cleared two Marsh harriers came in over the hill giving quite good views. Another 3 Grey herons and a further Marsh harrier as I was cycling back .

Went up to the roof at home to get 2 more Grey herons and even better 3 Common cranes (yearer) at dusk. They were joined by 11 Grey herons and headed all roughly eastward. The local pair of Tree sparrows ended a great afternoon.


  1. Hi Martin , blimey thats a good number of Grey Herons you saw there , plus Crane and Hoopoe are top birds to see :)

  2. Thanks for your comments rob :), suppose the main purpose of this blog was to give a taste of birding in these small islands to both foreigners and maltese...happy birding