Monday, April 5, 2010

Some more twitching

Bar-tailed Desert Lark.

Black-eared Wheatear male, found on the way to get the Bar-tailed lark

Bar-tailed Desert lark, 8th record for Malta and a bird not to be missed! Another birder picked me and my sister up and we sped off. On arriving we found two more birders only a couple of meters away from the very tame bird seeming quite at home in what has to be the closest Malta can offer to a desert; an unsurfaced carpark and not at all minding all the attention.
After getting the Bar-tailed lark, we watched a stunning male Pallid harrier hunting over the malta airport runway.
Managed unfortunatly to dip a Lesser short-toed Lark yesterday the third mega in only two days, but a fair variety of other birdssort of made up for it. The best being a Woodchat shrike, 3 Red-rumped swallows, 2 Alpine swifts, Northern wheatears, Tawny Pipits and a Quail.


  1. Hi Martin , congratulations in seeing the Bar Tailed Lark and Purple Gallinule , i was lucky enough to see Purple Gallinule in Spain a few years ago and agree they are great to see

  2. thanks rob,

    happy birding!