Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yet another great weekend on Comino

Golden Oriole subadult male, as all the other birds caught as part of the ringing project on Comino

Collared Flycathcer

Two superb Bee-eaters and the first time apreciated in the hand (and not because of being injured) by most present

Comino is always a great place for birding and in fall conditions, quite simply: Amazing! Whinchats and Whitethroats practically everywhere, and Spotted Flycathcers flitting about in less but still good numbers. Then there was the variety, you don't get to see 50 species in a day that often in Malta. Herons represented by Grey (2), Purple (8) and Night (7), Birds of prey by Black Kite (1), Honey Buzzard (8), Marsh harrier (4), Kestrel (3), Red-footed falcon (1) and Peregrine (1), then there was Quail, Turtle Dove, Nightjar, Bee-eaters passing over all through the day, Tawny Pipits, Wheatears, Redstarts, Nightingales, warblers best being Icterines, Great Reed and albistriata Subalpine warblers, Collared and Pied Flycathcers, Golden oriole and more. Of course in addition to all the excitment created by the birds, looking up at a sky full of stars, waking up before dawn to open up the nets, the peace of a fairly undistrubed island adds to the experience.


  1. Hi Martin, Some fantastic photos and birds. I have only seen bee eater in the hand once and this was an injured bird at Ghardira about 10 years ago. Might come out for a long weekend next year. Kevin

  2. Thanks kev! Would definetly be worthed, there is always something about on Comino :) maybe we'll meet there.
    are you coming down this autumn?