Saturday, November 6, 2010

A lifer and a couple of other good birds

The resting Spotted Redshank

WATER PIPIT, two of these scarce birds were seen!

Pintail and two Ferruginous ducks

Two of 5 immature Coots at the reserve

A Black-necked Grebe up from one of its dives right in front of the hide.

Up before sunrise yesterday morning to catch the first bus to Ghadira Nature reserve. Still a bit sleepy eyed we watched a handful of wild ducks, a male Gadwall, 2 Ferruginous ducks, a Pintail and 2 female Mallards feeding out on the water, which is quite high due to heavy rain tha last weeks. Grebes have arrived now with 3 Black-necked and 2 Little Grebes present. Too add to the variety were 5 Coots which haven't been present in more than singles for a few years. Quite a few Song thrushes and even better a male Blackbird flying into the pine grove, the first one for me this autumn. From the smaller hide at the other side of the reserve a strange pipit was spotted and when it came out in full view...Water Pipit! A lifer for me and altough a bit dull quite a nice bird. We wathched it feeding for some time when it was joined by yet another one! Spent the rest of the time trying to find a Yellow-browed warbler which had been seen earlier in the morning with no luck. However was rewarded with the longer stay by a winter plumage Spotted Redshank, a bird I hadn't seen for a while so can't complain!


  1. Hi Martin,

    I am Joseph N on birdforum, one of the young birders on the site. I have just discovered your blog, and I must say it's brilliant! You are very good writer, and your accounts of birding in Malta are fantastic - it's brilliant to hear of Malta's diverse birdlife and just how rewarding it can be for you. Well done on a very good blog, and I am looking forward to reading your next post.

    I am now following your blog and I have also added your blog to my blog list. I would be very greatful and happy if you could follow (and link if you like) my blog. Of course, it is is up to you, but it would be much appreciated!

    Thank you very much, and good birding! I am looking forward to hearing more about your birding adventures!

    All the Best,

    Joseph Nichols

  2. Thanks for the encouraging feedback! :D
    Read some of your blog Joseph...great stuff and some good birds especially the Dartford warbler..never seen it yet! Keep it coming!

    Regards and good luck!