Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ups and downs the last week

Record shot of Isabelline wheatear

4 of the 5 Curlews

Spotted Crake

To start with the downs...dipped for the second time Desert wheatear. Two hours walking around in the area was unsuccessful and I left only with a handful of yearers...Wryneck, Short-toed lark, Linnet and Tawny pipit as well as loads of Yellow wagtails, Swifts, 2 Northern Wheatears, a pair of Kestrels and a Hoopoe. Nothing compared to 12th record Desert Wheatear and a beautiful male at that!
And now for the ups...We found the second Isabelline wheatear in a week so that was great! Even better was a Spotted Crake in one of the valleys close to my home. Flew up from edge of the watercourse only to settle on the opposite bank showing for a short while before it scuttled through the grass. Only the second I'd seen. A few Lesser Kestrels were about hunting as well as four Marsh harriers. Flushed a Moorhen, Snipe and Green sandpiper
A Ferruginous duck at Ghadira was nice to see, while at Simar nothing much about. Popped into Salina (disused salt pans) too with feeding Little-ringed Plovers (4), Common sandpipers (3) and a Common Redshank. 5 Marsh harriers flying over the surrounding hills.
Seawathing wise not much, 2 Black Kites on Friday was all of note and a flock of 25 Garganey on Saturday. What was good though and lifer compensating for the Desert whaeatear were 5 Curlews circling over the channel. tought they were gulls at first and some long seconds trying to identify wether they were whimbrels or curlews but as they got closer the long beak was evident so Curlews they were.

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