Friday, September 17, 2010

Peak :D

One of the Honey Buzzards that roosted at Buskett, Photo by Ray Galea

18 Night Heron, Photo by Ray Galea

Light southwest winds looked promising so was up at Buskett early at 11 am and it wasn't for nothing. From the first scanning of the sky 7 Marsh harriers were found, first as small dots in the clouds and then coming over against the wind. They continued coming in small flocks and totals were rising. The conditions we had been waiting for had come and the birds didn't hang around. After some soaring most continued their long journey south. The largest flock was of 48 Honey Buzzards later on in the evening. Usually good days are highlighted with an eagle or a stork but it was not to be. 3 Ospreys wasn't bad though and neither 2 Black Kites which showed well. Two Eleonora's Falcons were hunting together with 5 Hobbies, one light and one dark phase. Total numbers of Honey Buzzards was 194 and Marsh harriers 142. A flock of 18 Night heron alighted from the trees, these also continued thier migration, another 2 called after dusk circling searching for companions. Bee-eaters were again present in good numbers (170) as were Barn Swallows. Two Wheatears constantly chaced each other over the garigue. Checking the weather forecast for tomorow promises good too, maybe we'll get an eagle, who knows?

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