Sunday, September 12, 2010

Well can't grumble...

Flock of 15 Little Egrets over Qawra this morning

3 Purple Herons

Smallest of three small "funnels" seen this afternoon at Buskett, 7 Honey Buzzards and 2 Marsh harriers

An hour and a half seawatching in the late morning gave two yearers and some other good birds. The first being a Slender-billed gull and an Audoin's Gull. Also two flocks of Little Egrets, 16 and 10, then 3 Purple Herons which circled for some time above us. Scopoli's Shearwaters were as usuall seen on the horizon. To start on the note of raptors one Marsh harrier was seen.

Several more were seen in the afternoon in singles, small flocks and together with Honey Buzzards, which were the definite highlight. Although two flocks of a total of 60 birds set high hopes early on that came to nothing, they were great to watch circling around in the azure sky. Today numbers of raptors were the highest recorded yet this September (72 Honey Buzzards and 46 Marsh harrier), noting that it has been a very poor migration so far.
One has to mention an Osprey which seems always to brighten up the day as well as 3 Hobbies. Finally around 60 Bee-eaters flying about around us were fun as were a Golden Oriole and 6 Turtle Doves.

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