Saturday, September 11, 2010

An unexpectedly good day!

Strong north west wind isn't the weather you would hope for neither for seawatching and even less for raptor watching, but it didn't turn out that bad.
Spent the morning at Qawra scanning the sea and was rewarded with relatively good views of 2 Caspian terns, it had been a year seen last. What's more 5 Sandwhich terns were hanging around the fish farms together with plentiful Yellow-legged gulls and further out Scopoli's shearwaters.
Marsh harriers appeared over the horizon in singles, seven in all. 2 Little Stints and some small flocks of Swallows were to be last birds of the day, hadn't I got a call when I got home about 23 Honey Buzzards.
Therefore it was up to Buskett, where we only got too late to see 4 Dottorels, would be lifers and not the first time I had missed them. The strong wind didn't give us the most pleasant conditions up on the exposed hill top but it was worth it. It didn't turn out to be the passage of raptors we had hoped for, a total of 11 Marsh harriers and the our first Black kite of the autumn. However suddenly there were a flock waders flying quiclky past - short but good views of 10 Dottorels! So we got our lifer all the same, great birds! To complete the day, just when we were geting quite cold and thinking about home a flock of 50 Grey herons together with 3 Little egrets flew by in formation in the distance.

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